Workshop on pyrolysis and gasification of wastes and biomass

Workshop on Pyrolysis and Gasification of Wastes and Biomass

30 and 31 March 2017 – Hull

Supported by EU RISE and Newton Fund

Venue: Mercure Hull Royal Hotel (170 Ferensway, Hull HU1 3UF)

Background: Biomass and wastes are largely available. Converting them into useful products such as syngas, bio-oil and char is important to realize the values of these materials, and to improve the efficiency of the use of raw materials. In this work, we will focus on the advanced thermal-chemical conversion of biomass and wastes, including pyrolysis and gasification.

Delegates from universities and academics from different counties including China, UK and Hungary will present their recent work in the development of pyrolysis and gasification. This two-day workshop will include presentations and group discussions to exchange knowledge and also to identify gaps, challenges and potential opportunities for collaboration and future funding.

Provisional agenda

Registration 9:30 am
Workshop starts 10:30 am
Presentation session 1 10:40 am
Tea break 12:00 pm
Presentation session 2 12:20 pm
Lunch 1:20 pm
Presentation session 3 2:30 pm
Tea break 4:00 pm
Presentation session 4 4:20 pm
Dinner 7:30 pm
Presentation session 5 9:00 am
Group discussion session 1 9:40 am
Tea break 11:30 am
Group discussion session 2 11:40 am
Lunch 12:40 pm
Close 2 pm

Current confirmed delegates

Name University Presentation title
Dr. Siddharth Gadkari University of Surrey, UK Development of computational models  for Advanced Bioenergy Technologies – Fast Pyrolysis and Microwave Pyrolysis
Dr. Xiaolei Zhang Queens University, Belfast, UK Theoretical elucidation of the molecular behaviour of levoglucosan during biomass pyrolysis
Dr. Norbert Miskolczi University of Pannonia, Hungary Valuable products from real waste plastics and biomass by pyrolysis
Dr. Meng Liu Southeast University, China Hydrothermal treatment of both low-rank coal and sewage sludge: Effect of process conditions on product characteristics
Miss Yiran Fan Imperil college London The potential of pyrolytic coconut shell as a sustainable bio-filler for natural rubber
Dr. Xin Tu University of Liverpool Plasma-catalysis: a novel solution for bioenergy
Mr James Kong ALP Technologies Ltd. The Importance of Design and Engineering for Small-Scale CHP
Dr Christopher M. A. Parlett University of Aston Tailoring porous supports to enhance catalysis
Dr. Ningbo Gao  Xi’an Jiaotong University, China Steam reforming of biomass tar for hydrogen production over Ni/ceramic foam catalyst
Prof. Paul T. Williams University of Leeds Flexible processing of waste plastics for high value products
Dr. Xi Yu University of Aston CFD modelling of biomass thermochemical conversion: from theory to application
Prof. Meihong Wang University of Sheffield  TBC
Miss Dingding Yao Huazhong University of Science and Technology  TBC
Dr. Zhenan Han Wuhan Optics Valley Environmental Technology Co., Ltd  TBC
Dr. Mark Gronnow University of York  TBC
Dr. Xiang Gou Hebei University of Technology  TBC
Dr. Chunfei Wu University of Hull  TBC
Dr. Cui Quan Xi’an Jiaotong University  –
Dr. Quanping Wu Tianjin University of Technology
Dr. Xuebin Ke University of Hull Development of light-driven biomass conversion technologies
Miss Hongman Sun University of Hull  –
Mr Chidiebere Diyoke University of Hull  –

FLEXI-PYROCAT Researchers meet at the University of Leeds, February 2017

Leeds Meeting - 16 02 2017

FLEXI-PYROCAT project researchers from the EU Beneficiary Universities of Leeds, Hull and Sheffield (UK) meet-up with researchers from the Chinese partner Universities of Huazhong University of Science & Technology and Xi’an Jiaotong University. The research meeting took place at the University of Leeds in February 2017 and included a tour of the University of Leeds research laboratories.