Dr Norbert Miskolczi from the University of Pannonia visits the University of Leeds

EU RISE Leeds.png

Dr Norbert Miskolczi from the University of Pannonia, Hungary visited the University of Leeds, UK in January-February 2017. The University of Pannonia is an EU Beneficiary Partner in the FLEXI-PYROCAT project.  The purpose of the visit was to discuss research associated with a Round Robin testing of waste plastics as part of the FLEXI-PYROCAT project. Round Robin testing using different types of pyrolysis technologies at the University of Leeds, University of Pannonia and at Tsinghua University, (China) has been carried out. One specific waste sample was used in each laboratory based on a typical composition of residual waste plastics found in municipal solid waste. Detailed product yield and gas and oil product composition was determined. One-stage (Pannonia), two-stage (Leeds) and fast pyrolysis (Tsinghua) pyrolysis reactors were used. In addition, the influence of using different ZSM-5 catalysts with added metal promoters was used to improve the yield and value of the of product oil. The visit was funded by the University of Pannonia.