Mr Anthony Orji visited Tsinghua University

Mr. Anthony Orji, a PhD student at the University of Hull, has visited the Tsinghua University for about 3 months from May to July 2016. He carried out co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastics in the presence of a catalyst, aiming to enhance the quality of the produced bio-oil from pyrolysis process. The work also aims to fundamentally understand the pyroysis processing using modelling.


Miss Xiaotong Liu visiting Tsinghua University


Miss Xiaotong Liu , a PhD student in Hull, visited Tsinghua University for more than one month to carry out experimental work about co-pyrolysis of biomass and waste plastics using a pyro-GC equipment (as shown above) in Feb. 2016. Xiaotong was trained to use the equipment and has learned a lot by carrying out several experiments, discussing with the researchers at Tsinghua University. The work was helpful to her PhD project, as the fundamental understanding of the decomposition of polymer waste will assist the growth of carbon nanotubes from thermo-chemical conversion of waste plastics.