Japhet Oladipo and Andrew Dyer: University of Sydney, Australia


Japhet Oladipo and Andrew Dyer (early career researchers) visited the University of Sydney during January and February 2016. Health and safety inductions and laboratory training were undertaken during the first week of arrival. Japhet produced a range of nickel based catalysts using a University of Sydney co-precipitation method using aluminium nitrate and sodium carbonate solutions which were used to produce the alumina support. Impregnation method was used to synthesise the nickel, copper and alumina together. Nickel chromium alumina catalyst with different ratios were also prepared using the co-precipitation and impregnation method. Andrew aimed to produce structurally perfect ZSM-5 by using a Sydney University hydrothermal method. Four batches of ZSM-5 were produced using this method for assessment back in the UK. ZSM-5 was also produced for work in the UK with 5 different Si/Al ratios from 38 through to 360.


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